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Thanks much for visiting us! Here are a few sites around the web that we find helpful and informative.

Ann Coulter
Author and Political Commentator with rapier wit.

Michael Crichton
Author, visionary and filmmaker.
For some of the best information and analysis on Global Warming, see:
"Aliens Cause Global Warming"
"An Evening with Michael Crichton"
"Environmentalism as Religon"

Daily Wire
Conservative News and Comentary site led by Ben Shapiro.

Drudge Report
Investigative Newshound and News portal.

Fox News
Fair and Balanced News Reporting.

Greg Gutfeld
Logic and humor combined in a small package.

Sean Hannity
Author, Political Commentator and Fox News personality.

Heritage Foundation
Conservative Think Tank

Laura Ingraham
Author, Political Commentator and Radio Talk Show host.

Mark Levin
Radio Talk Show host and Author of New York Times Bestseller "Liberty and Tyranny".

Rush Limbaugh
Radio Ralk Show host and "Doctor of Democracy."

Dana Perino
Author, Television Host and Canine Enthusiast.

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