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The Words and Wisdom of the Founding Fathers

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At Wisdom of the Founders you will find the words and wisdom of the Founding Fathers in an easily accessible format. The Founding Fathers wrote on a variety of subjects. Many of the statements you will find here were written during the period between the Constitutional Convention and the adoption of the U. S. Constitution. Others are from both before and after this period. Regardless of the time-frame, the statements they made were a reflection of the feelings and sentiments they had on topics like Freedom and Liberty; the characteristics of a Good Government and the difficulty of keeping one; and the Rights of the People, which are to be protected by Good Governments.

Along with each quote presented here, we have included not only the author's name, but also the document name and date from which the quote was taken. Our hope is that as you read what the Founding Fathers said, and find quotes that are of particular interest to you, you will be inspired to read the entire document that the quote was taken from. We believe that through reading and learning what the Founding Fathers actually said, we can get a better picture of the country and Government that they intended to create. Through this understanding, we get a clearer picture of how far we as a country have come from what the Founding Fathers intended and what we need to do to correct it.

We will be adding features, topics and content on a regular basis, so please check back with us often.

Note: We have not attempted to update, change, correct, or otherwise modify archaic spellings used in the source documents.

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